Deer Mouse



Peromyscus maniculatus



The adjective ‘maniculatus’ in my name refers to my little white paws. I closely resemble the white-footed mouse (that’s who should be called maniculatus, don’t you think?). To differentiate between us, look at the tip of my long tail, a tail as long as my body; do you see the small white hairs sticking out? These can sometimes be used to differentiate me from my cousin. Otherwise, biologists even use an identification technique using DNA to distinguish between us.

I am a skilled climber; I use my long tail to grapple. I climb into trees and shrubs to eat the buds. In the fall, I make provisions of seeds and nuts. I carry food in my cheek pouches; these are internal pockets in my cheeks. This is how I accumulate nearly a liter of food!

In winter, it’s vacation time. I am very sociable. I share my nest with a dozen of my kind including members of my family and even mice of different species. When it comes time to give birth, I chase the male away from the nest. But I will allow him to return shortly afterwards which gives me a helping hand to raise my young.


Deer Mouse



Total Length 13,9 - 20 cm
Tail length 5,5 - 10,5 cm
Weight 12 - 30 g


Survives rarely more than 2 years in the wild, a record of 8 years in captivity


Lives in all areas but is more commonly found in the forest or prairies


Seeds, small fruits, flowers, buds, insects, spiders, snails


2 to 4 litters per year, 1 to 21 young (average 5 to 6)

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