Northern Flying Squirrels

Northern Flying


Glaucomys sabrinus



I am known as a Flying Squirrel even though Gliding Squirrel would be more accurate. Thanks to my patagium, the membrane of skin that connects my front and back legs, I can glide an average of 20 metres from one tree to another. I can even manage a half turn in the air, to change directions. My tail is flat and helps my aerial manoeuvres by acting as a rudder.

I can be distinguished from the Southern Flying Squirrel by my bigger size and by the grey colour found at the base of the fur on my belly, not to mention my good nature! Where both of us are present, my smaller counterpart is much more aggressive and will try to chase me away.

We, the Southern and Northern Flying Squirrels are considered sympathetic, uh...sympatric. This means that we co-exist in the same territory without interbreeding between us.

I am very sociable but sometimes I can be a chauvinist. In winter, we gather in our nest, with males separate from females.

I have large eyes which allow for better night vision. I am mostly nocturnal and that is why you don’t see me very often.


Northern Flying Squirrels



Total Length 25,5 - 33,2 cm
Tail length 11 – 13 cm
Weight 95,6 - 176 g


Rarely more than 4 years in the wild. Record 13 years in captivity


Mixed forest with birch and poplar, coniferous forests


Mushrooms, lichens, nuts, buds, fruits, insects, bird eggs


1 litter per year, from 1 to 6 young (average of 2 to 4)

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