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8-11 AM

Zookeeper for a day (3-6 years old)

Zookeeper for a day (3-6 years old)


Are your children crazy about animals? Wouldn’t they enjoy learning how to care for them, preparing meals for them or concocting enrichment toys for them? The Zookeeper-for-a-Day activity is perfect for them!

Along with their parents, toddlers will spend half a day with our expert zoologists with whom they will not only pitch-in, but will enjoy up-close encounters with some of our animal ambassadors and will learn many new and exciting things throughout the day!

Here is what awaits participants of the Zookeeper-for-a-Day activity:

  • Prepare meals and feed some of our animals;
  • Invent enrichment toys for our animals and observe their reaction to these discoveries;
  • Enjoy up-close encounters with some of our most popular animal ambassadors.
  • And other exciting surprises!

This activity is reserved to children from 3 to 6 years old, accompanied by an adult. One free adult by participating child.

Also, despite the fact that the activity is taking place in French, please note that all our zoologists are bilingual.

Please note that the activity is not refundable or exchangeable.

Ask us about the possibility of organizing this unique experience for your private group! Minimum number of participants: 20 (or monetary equivalent).