5 silver screen titles for a family movie night



As you can guess, the Ecomuseum Zoo’s team is completely filled with people passionate about animals. This passion doesn’t stop at 5 p.m., so animal-related movies are always very popular among us! Here are a few of our team’s favorites to watch during spring’s rainy evenings!


We bought a zoo

A father decides to buy a very special house, since it comes with a financially struggling zoo. With the zoo’s employees, he will work very hard to grant the place a new beginning.

A definite favorite of the entire zoo’s team! Based on a true story, “We bought a zoo” shows all the perseverance and passion required to take care of wild animals daily.  

Over the hedge

A mischievous raccoon convinces a group of woodland animals (skunks, squirrel, turtle, opossum, etc.) to help him repay the food debt he owes a bear. How? By serving themselves in the houses of their new neighbors, the humans, who built a brand new suburban neighborhood while they were all hibernating.

A very good movie for the little ones! A great way to raise awareness in kids as to why there are raccoons and skunks in the backyard.

The Disney Nature Collection

Documentaries from the Disney Nature collection are all magnificent. Choose your child’s favorite animal among the available collection and enjoy breathtaking images. Great moments guaranteed!

Psst...the most recent Disney Nature edition, “Monkey Kingdom”, is in theatres right now! Not to-be missed!

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Soren, a young Barn Owl, is kidnapped by the mean owls of St.Aggie, an orphanage, where young owls are indoctrinated to become soldiers. Soren and his new friends will escapes to Ga’Hoole’s island, to assist the noble owls who fight the army created by the mean wicked rulers of St.Aggies.

According to our zoologists, this movie is not only fun to watch, it’s also very well done!  


A group of zoo animals decide to break their code of silence in front of humans to help their favorite zookeeper find love – without having to change jobs!

A light, funny and touching movie. We don’t watch it for true biological facts...we watch it to be entertained and “take it with a grain of salt”!