5 tips to optimize your visit to a zoo


5 tips to optimize your visit to a zoo

Visiting a zoo with the whole family is often on the list of things to do during the summer. It’s actually a very good activity choice (OK, we do have a bias, but still!). So to optimize your visit and have a really good time, no matter the zoo, here are a few tips to keep in mind! You will be happy that you followed them, trust us!

1. Avoid the scorching heat!

It’s a gorgeous day with 30 degree weather outside with a big warm sun sitting in a cloudless sky. You are thinking: “What a perfect day to go to the zoo!” Wrong. Of course, if the zoo you choose has a water park to cool your family down, your day may still be nice. However, if what you want is to see the most animals possible, and to see them in action, avoid the scorching days of summer! You should instead choose days that are cooler, even gray days, which are perfect to see the animals. This simple rule applies whether you choose to see animals from Québec or from Africa, just keep it in mind!

2. Choose the best moment

Why choose to visit a zoo in the morning? Quite simply because it is, as noted above, cooler than in the afternoon! Besides, many animals are fed during the morning, which gives you the chance to see the animal keepers in action and to get a glimpse of the animals enjoying their morning meal.

3. Stay calm (more or less)

It is true that this rule might be more difficult to follow with younger children. Nonetheless, if you want to see the animals up close, yelling, running and making loud noises or gestures are not good behaviours to adopt. Wildlife is often timid, thus being calm is required if you want the chance to live a unique moment in their presence!

4. Be patient

Some animals might be hard to find at first. Especially with the new trend in zoos to present natural habitats in which the  animals don’t necessarily take center stage. Therefore you need to be patient and, sometimes persistent, to find the animals. Turn it into a game: when animals are harder to see, try to find them! If at first you are out of luck, come back later during your visit. Maybe the animal was just down for a quick nap the first time!

5. Check the calendar of activities

Many zoos offer special programming during the high season. Make the most of it! The Ecomuseum Zoo offers special presentations every day during the summer period providing you with the opportunity to meet animals up close, to chat with animal keepers and to learn more on selected species. Your little tyke loves reptiles? Your little princess is impressed by birds of prey? Every zoo offers the opportunity to see animals up close. Check their website to learn more before leaving. Your visit will surely be optimized!

On this note, enjoy your visit!