Animal Axis

for its animals


Animal well-being at the heart of our projects

Animal well-being is is always our number one priority. Our standards are very high and we seek to continually improve and innovate to ensure our animals thrive in a natural environment that is catered to each of their individual needs.


The zoo’s 2013-2017 Major Fundraising Campaign includes no less than 11 projects directly related to animals and their well-being. Contribute today to help us do more for them each day!

Since 2013 a number of important projects have been completed as a result of the generosity of our donors for which we are extremely thankful. You too can take the same step to make a difference!

Completed projects:
  • Red Fox habitat
  • Great North : the Woodland Caribou and Arctic Fox habitat
  • The Painted and Snapping Turtles pond
  • The Forest Sector: the Canada Lynx and Fisher habitats
  • Improvements to the Black Bear habitat
  • Eagle Aviary
On-going projects:
  • Animal Care Center
  • Water fun : the River Otter habitat
Main projects to come:
  • Cougar habitat
  • Phase II of the Forest Sector: habitats for the Grey Fox and/or the Bobcat
  • Aviary for mixed birds of prey
  • Improvements to the Owl Sanctuary and its habitats

Of course, the "projects to come" are numerous and the list will evolve with time to answer new needs. Stay tuned to know what the next project is going to be!

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