Big projects and indispensable donations!


Big projects and indispensable donations!

The Ecomuseum Zoo is constantly evolving and for the past few years « renewal » has been the order of business. For those of you who have been following us for some time, you have seen us come a long way! From “small West-Island zoo” to the institution we've become, there's a big step! We’ve progressed and now greet on average 100,000 visitors yearly, shelter over 115 species of animals from Québec and have follow very high standards of excellence in zoology.

We are extremely proud of the projects we’ve accomplished and many more loom on the horizon! Just this year we welcomed many new animal ambassadors, namely a Canada Lynx, two Black Bears and two Red Foxes. The landscaping and support infrastructure in the Black Bear habitat was renovated thanks to outstanding work by our projects and construction teams.  This allowed us to welcome Juno and Genie, two beautiful female Black Bears that now live in harmony at the zoo.

The new Red Fox forest habitat is one of the great success stories of 2014. At almost one square kilometer (1km2), this habitat was designed entirely around an existing forest. Respecting the environment while providing a perfect replica of the Red Fox’s natural habitat was a considerable task; we are proud to have once more risen to the challenge.

To top this year of major projects, the Ecomuseum Zoo team has recently undertaken another monumental assignment: the development of a mixed habitat for the Woodland Caribou and Arctic Fox. The new space is to be inaugurated this fall in early October. Observing these two impressive species evolve together, as they do in the wild, will undoubtedly be a delightful experience for our guests. If you are interested in following the progression of work, you can do so by regularly visiting the following page:

But how do we pull off all these projects? As many of you know, the Ecomuseum Zoo is a non-profit organization (NPO). By visiting the zoo, by participating in our Experience+ activities and by spreading the word, you contribute to our daily operations: animal care, habitat development, educational programs, etc. The Ecomuseum Zoo receives no operational funding from any government levels. It is therefore thanks to our generous donors that we can pursue our objectives. Evidence that any donation, large or small, can make a big difference!