Black Bear



Ursus americanus


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Even though I’m called the Black Bear, I sometimes have brown or even cinnamon coloured fur.

My life consists of eating and fattening up for a winter spent in my den. For me, eating is an obsession. To find a food source rich in fat, I will travel hundreds of kilometers. I have an excellent memory, and I will then return to it year after year.

I sleep all winter, but I certainly can come out of my torpor. In fact, I give birth in January while still in my den. My cubs are tiny at birth. They weigh less than a squirrel! However, feeding on the extremely rich mother’s milk, they grow very rapidly.

I need my space and if you invade it, I might react badly. If I’m separated from my young, I will not hesitate to attack. So keep your distance - I’m very unpredictable. I can outrun you, and I am quite adept at climbing trees. In fact, that’s precisely where my cubs climb when they feel threatened.

I am quite solitary by nature but I get along well with other bears in captivity provided we are raised together.


Black Bear



Total Length 1,37 - 1,88 m
Tail Length 7,2 - 17,7 cm
Weight M : 115 - 270 kg F : 92 - 140 kg


Record of 32 years in the wild and more than 25 years in captivity


Mixed mature and deciduous forests, burns


Roots, ants, small mammals, fruit, nuts, carrion, fish, fawns


1 litter every 2 years; 1 to 6 young (2 to 3 on average)

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