Common Raven



Corvus corax 


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A dark plumage, a raspy call, gregarious and aggressive behaviour – I’ve got what it takes to be misunderstood. For a long time, I have been persecuted and wrongly accused of helping myself to your livestock and your crops.

I have always been a folk legend in many cultures. My voice and behaviors have been, in certain instances, associated with death and, in other instances, the messenger of predictions and prophecies. In Canada, I am Yukon’s official bird.

I generally avoid inhabited areas. I prefer mountainous sectors and escarpments. My cousin, the common crow, is the one who is found in more open and urban areas. Just the same, I can occasionally be found near cities, nesting on electricity towers. In winter, I often follow wolves like a shadow, hoping to feed on the carrion they leave behind. I hide my food in the ground in cavities and even under the snow.


Common Raven



Length 56 - 57 cm
Weight M : 1,1 - 1,4 kg F : 1 - 1,3 kg
Wing span 1,16 – 1,42 m


Record of 13 years and 4 months in nature; 44 years in captivity (on the Tower of London)


Tundra, boreal forests, maritime coasts, mountainous and forested regions


Fruit, grain, insects, small vertebrates, eggs, young birds, carrion


1 clutch per year; 5 to 7 eggs; 18-22 days incubation, monogamous, mates for life

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