Canis latrans

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Take a close look at me or you might be fooled. I’m smaller than my cousin, the wolf, and my ears are pointier. When I run, I keep my tail down, whereas the wolf keeps his proudly raised. I can be recognized by my paw prints, which are smaller than those of my cousin. My prints, by the way, are often the only trace you’ll see of me. My coat provides excellent camouflage and I am quite discreet. You must pay close attention if you expect to spot me. Unlike wolves who tend to live in packs, I am more the solitary type.

If I am the product of a cross between a coyote and a wolf, it would be most difficult to correctly identify me by sight alone. I can also mate with a dog. Keep in mind that all three of us are from the same genus, Canis, which makes cross-breeding possible, albeit rare I admit. In order to know for sure, biologists often rely on genetic analysis.

I am a generalist and as one who adapts easily in my choice of habitats, my distribution is spreading further and further. I am being forced to live closer to urbanized areas that are encroaching on my territory. I can even be found right here on the Island of Montreal.





Total Length 114 - 141 cm
Tail Length 27,5 - 39,5 cm
Weight 9 - 23 kg


Record of 14 years in the wild and 21 years in captivity


Agricultural and forested areas


Hares, groundhogs, voles, mice, white-tailed deer, birds, fruits, nuts, grains, carrion


1 brood per year; 1 to 8 young (average 5 to 6)

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