Discover the Ecomuseum Zoo

Where happily ever after

The Ecomuseum Zoo welcomes animals unable to survive by themselves in the wild. Eithey they be injured, orphaned or born under professional human care, they can enjoy a natural environment adapted to their needs.


You can either listen to their stories below (in French) or read them (in English). 

Timothea, amputated as a result of serious injuries

Timothea decided to venture out from her den one day. Unfortunately this kit’s curious nature led her to climb on a deck chair where she promptly got her leg caught.

Someone heard her howls of pain and called for help. But as she tried to wiggle free Timothea fractured her leg in three places rendering the amputation unavoidable.

As returning to the wild with only three legs would prove too dangerous for her, Timothea came to live at the Ecomuseum Zoo where you can see her play and explore happily and safely.

Jimmy, saved from human cruelty

Jimmy’s story begins even before she was born. Indeed she was still in her egg when a man who wanted a “pet eagle” stole her from the nest.

Much later wildlife protection agents found her living in dreadful conditions. Still today she suffers permanent effects of that stressful upbringing.

Jimmy could not be returned to the wild so she now lives peacefully at the Ecomuseum Zoo in a large aviary that replicates her natural habitat.

Moki, rescued as a young orphan

Moki was only two days old when he became an orphan. That morning, his mother went out to forage for food but never returned.

Scared and hungry the young fawn desperately called for his mother. His cries drew the attention of someone who alerted wildlife protection services. The mother was found nearby, unfortunately killed by a predator. Luckily, Moki had been spared.

Unable to survive by himself in the wild he was sent to the Ecomuseum Zoo where you can now see him prance merrily with his herd of friends.

Sela, tortured by humans

While many of the Ecomuseum Zoo residents have stories that stem from unfortunate incidents, Sela’s story is truly chilling. We don’t know much of her life before the incident. She was surely living peacefully in the wild, but one day all that changed.

Like all other Map Turtles, Sela prefers wetlands to terra firma, however on the fateful day she surely came out briefly to rest on a rock and get some sun. Suddenly she felt a great blow fall on her back. Someone had just smashed her shell. The attacker then used a knife to carve the word “turtle” across her carapace. As we know that the shell is sensitive, Sela must have suffered greatly with every cut.

When the poor turtle was found she was wandering close to the highway with only one eye remaining. She was brought to a wildlife rehabilitation center where she began the long healing process. Today she lives happily at the Ecomuseum Zoo with other turtle, and mostly, away from such dangers.

Sinead, amputated following an accident

One day, when Sinead was just a young bird, she took flight in search of food. Surely she didn’t know it would be the last time she took to the skies.

From high above she recognized a putrid smell that tantalized her olfactory senses. She landed by the side of the road near some fresh road kill … her favorite meal. As she began to feed however she was in turn hit by a passing vehicle.

Luckily, a passerby found her and drove her to a wildlife rehabilitation center. The veterinarians, having noted that her injuries were too severe, had to amputate part of her left wing to save her. Once healed Sinead came to live at the Ecomuseum Zoo where she has thrived for now almost twenty years. That makes her a very old bird, more than any other Turkey Vulture found in the wild. Always full of life, she loves to socialize with the ducks that share her aviary.