Eastern Screech-Owl



Megascops asio




Don’t worry, you’re not seeing things!  I do exist in three colors, just like Neapolitan ice cream!  I can be grey, rust color or chocolate brown, but not all at once of course.  When two individuals of different colors get together as a couple, offspring of all three colors can be found in the nest.  That means I can have brothers and sisters of a color different from mine! Of course, my color does not change once I’ve hatched, and whatever color I am, I will keep for my whole life.  The red coloring comes from an excess of pigments called red melanin. People then say that I am erythristic.

In addition to my various appearances, I am a ventriloquist!  You could even say that I imitate a horse’s whinny or a dog’s bark.  Like all self-respecting owl, my hooting calls are also excellent.  The male and female of my species sometimes even sing duets.  I don’t understand why I was given the name Screech Owl …I really don’t screech!


Eastern Screech-Owl



Length M : 18 - 23 cm F : 20 - 26 cm
Weight M : 167 g F : 194 g
Wing span M : 48 - 57 cm F : 50 - 62 cm


Record 13 years in the wild


Mature forests and wooded areas, orchards, swamps, etc.


Rodents, birds, frogs, salamanders, reptiles, large insects and occasionally fish


Couples will mate for life. One brood per year, 2-8 eggs (generally 4 to 5) laying one egg every other day, 26 days of incubation

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