Experience+ : 5 activities to help you see the zoo in a different light



With the Ecomuseum Zoo open 364 days a year, it’s possible to visit the animals and enjoy the site during each of our glorious seasons. For the animal lover in you, or in your family, who wishes to partake in a memorable encounter with our animal ambassadors, we offer numerous options through our Experience+ activities.  But what exactly ?

Breakfast with the animals

Breakfast with them?  As in « picnic with the bears in their habitat » ? 

Not exactly…but this activity, just like others offered through our Experience+ program, enables you to enjoy an exciting and priviledge moment with a “star” animal. Indeed, you can have breakfast with a Black Bear, a Red Fox, a Wolf or even a Lynx at the Ecomuseum Zoo.

Pointedly, you are invited to the zoo even before it officially opens to the general public. A continental breakfast (for humans!) and a special presentation on the chosen animal, are offered. It’s time to ask any question you may have on the subject … time to really get to know these animals. Then we put you to work! You’ll help us prepare the morning meal for the chosen animal and join us as we bring them this special feast.

We promise, you won’t regret having you camera with you!

Price : $25 per participant                       
Minimum age : 3 years old

Zookeeper-for-a-day - Family Special

Although the zoo has for many years offered the Zookeeper-for-a-day program to children 7 to 12 years of age, we’ve recently begun offering this beloved activity to entire families with no age restrictions. This way mom, dad and even grandparents can enjoy the event with their loved-ones. All together you’ll experience a day like no other! Feeding the animals, preparing enrichment activities for them, up close encounters with a few of our animal ambassadors and of course, creating lasting family memories.

Keep an eye on our calendar of activities not to miss our next  family event.

Price : $60 per participant 

Story Time

The little ones are also entitled to their special time at the zoo!

Come awaken their senses with Story Time at the zoo. A special activity reserved for children 5 and under with their parents.

Our dynamic story time host will regale the children with a tale related to the animals of Québec and will lead participants in a craft associated to the story of the day.  And of course the children will have the opportunity to meet two animals from the reptile class, a lovely turtle and a gentle snake.  Will you join your children in meeting these enigmatic yet misunderstood creatures?

The best? This activity in included in the regular price of admission.

Twilight at the zoo

Throughout the year the zoo closes at 5 p.m. Except of course when it’s Twilight at the zoo! It’s the perfect occasion to discover what goes on at the zoo when the animals are again masters of the house.

The evening begins with up-close encounters with a few of our favorite animal ambassadors in the main education pavilion.  Comfortably seated, you will meet birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals up close. Afterward, our zoologists will bring you along on a guided tour to discover the zoo by the moonlight. A must-do at least once!

Price : $25 per participant,                      

Minimum age: 7 years old

Frog Call Night

Springtime brings an awakening of all our senses. For animals however, as the snow melts and they waken from the long and rigorous winter, each prepares for a new season of seduction!

What’s the link between seduction and frogs? Well, in the springtime the frogs that call our marsh home transform into a wondrous and impressive chorus to seduce the female frogs.  Accompanied by our dynamic zoologists, this exciting activity you will allow you to join us as we search for frogs with both feet planted firmly in a true marsh. It’s the perfect way to discover and get to know these mysterious little creatures.

It’s an ideal activity to rouse the adventurer in you!

Price : $20 per participant 
Minimum age : 3 years old

 Just a few of the many activities that go on at the zoo. Call us for more details.