Forest Sector

Forest Sector

of the zoo

New sector under construction: arboreal species in the spotlight!

Québec’s forests are home to many wildlife species. Discrete and mysterious, these species are nonetheless quite fascinating! The design of natural habitats is at the heart of the Ecomuseum Zoo’s motivations and this time Québec’s most beautiful forests were our main inspiration.

The concept

The Ecomuseum Zoo team is working diligently to develop an entirely new Forest Sector for visitors to discover. With time, many species will be added to this vast tableau as faithful representatives of the biodiversity of our forests.  As soon as summer 2015 zoo guests will there meet two of Québec’s mythical species: the Fisher and the Canada Lynx.

Fisher habitat

The Fisher is a small mammal still relatively unknown in Québec.  It’s part of the Mustelidae family just as American Martens, River Otters and Ferrets.

In July 2015, visitors will discover the new lair of these mysterious forest predators.  Don’t miss the opportunity to observe these masters of tracking and climbing, lovers of mature forests where they reign supreme in the tall trees.

To learn more about the Fisher, click here.

Canada Lynx habitat

The Canada Lynx is one member of the big cat family that you can cross paths with here in Québec just as the Cougar and the Bobcat.

Veritable secret agent of the boreal forests, the Canada Lynx is a formidable predator of the northern latitudes.  In July 2015 he’ll pack his bags and move to new digs in the Forest Sector of the zoo. Don’t miss the opportunity to observe this impressive big cat in his new environment inspired by the most beautiful forests of the north.

To learn more about the Canada Lynx, click here.

What other species will be found in this sector?

In time, other species will join this vast new sector as faithful representations of the biodiversity of our forests. These will of course be announced when the time comes. Stay tuned for more information!