Giving of your time to the Ecomuseum Zoo


Giving of your time to the Ecomuseum Zoo

If you love animals and the environment there are many places to turn to when looking for volunteer opportunities. If however you also love working with children and sharing your knowledge with others, there is only one choice: become a volunteer naturalist-guide at the Ecomuseum Zoo!

What is a naturalist-guide at the zoo?

A naturalist-guide is a virtuoso of the animal world! He or she shares knowledge with children from school and community groups who visit the zoo to learn more about Québec’s wildlife. At the Ecomuseum Zoo we are convinced of one essential truth: people only protect what they truly understand! The zoo’s naturalist-guides help us to fulfill our most important mission: environmental education for youth. An honourable pursuit proudly supported year after year by our invaluable volunteers!

 What background is needed?

When you commit as a volunteer naturalist-guide, the zoo happily takes on the responsibility of providing complete training and pledges to offer on-going instruction throughout your volunteer experience at the zoo.

The process therefore begins with a six week training program, at the rate of two three-hour sessions per week, offered by representatives of the zoo’s education department. Don’t worry, you’ll be well cared for as you satisfy your curiosity and prepare to welcome our little inquisitive friends!

What commitment is involved?

Due to the intensive training required (total 36 hours – 2 sessions of 3 hrs per wk for 6 wks), we require that our volunteers become members of the zoo. Taking into consideration that guided tours are predominately offered weekday mornings, you will have the ability to choose which tours to guide according to your availabilities.

In addition to guided tours, you may choose to help with a variety of our Experience+ activities such as Breakfasts with the Animals, Magical Nights, or Zookeeper-for-a-day events!

What’s it like?

Being a volunteer at the zoo allows me to share my passion for animals while benefiting from a magnificent site. The naturalist-training sessions had piqued my curiosity and have met all my expectations. I now have an enriching pastime for which my most valued reward is to see a spark glimmer in the eyes of the children I meet.  In those moments, it’s Mission Accomplished! – Micheline Leroux

For me, being a volunteer at the Ecomuseum Zoo is to share with our youth my love of Québec’s animals. I love seeing them marvel at the discovery of a yet unknown animal, be it a River Otter pirouetting through the pond, a Raccoon climbing to the very peak of a tall tree or even touching a snake for the first time! My reward as a volunteer is measured in laughs and smiles! – Anne Landry

Working as a volunteer at the Ecomuseum Zoo is an enriching experience that provides contact with children of diverse origins. It is also a gratifying experience as we can see numerous species of animals that usually hide away from human eyes.  The magnificence of the site and its landscaping respectful of nature simply adds to the sympathetic and professional team that deserves to be highlighted. – Monique Gagnon

How to?

We recruit our volunteers once a year! An information session will be held Thursday December 11th, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Although the information session is free, reservations are required. Simply send along an email to or call us at 514 457-9449 for more information.