Golden Eagle


Aquila chrysaetos

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The Romans considered me the messenger of the gods. I even appeared, wings open, on their banners. It’s not surprising as I am quite impressive and look rather marvelous!

It goes without saying – I have a piercing look. My visual acuity is eight times better than yours. To hunt successfully, I need wide open areas and ascending air currents. I watch as I soar in flight.

My talons are extremely strong, but even though I appear to be hefty, I am quite the featherweight! That’s because, like all birds, my bones are hollow. I therefore cannot lift more than the equivalent of a third of my own weight. Do the math... you’ll see that I cannot steal young children and livestock...

I do not defend a hunting territory, but I will ferociously protect the area surrounding my nest. I build my nest on a cliff or escarpment and at times in trees. In fact my mate and I build more than one nest and from year to year we’ll use one or the other. My nest can be as high as 6 metres as I am quite the handyman. Usually though, I limit its height to about 1 metre. That’s already quite a job!


Golden Eagle



Total Length M 76 -89 cm; F 89 - 1,04 m
Wingspan 1,8 - 2,3 m
Weight M 3,5 - 4,4kg; F 4,0 - 5,7 kg


Record of 38 years in the wild, 46 years in captivity


Wide open spaces, mountainous regions interlaced with rocky and steep valleys and canyons


Canada geese, ducks,
ravens, gulls, raptors, groundhogs, hare, fox, carrion

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