Great North

Greath North
at the zoo


Behold the Nordic Region at the Ecomuseum Zoo! Indeed, the whole team has worked all fall on the construction of a new habitat which will allow us to host two iconic species of Québec’s Great North, the Arctic Fox and the Woodland Caribou. Last October, three Woodland Caribou joined the habitat. In the next months, Arctic Foxes will join them in this wide natural habitat.


The Arctic Fox and the Woodland Caribou are species who have always coexisted well in Québec’s Great North. Just as they do in the wild, they will live here together in our care, in a habitat that will address both species’ needs. Zoo visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique northern atmosphere, while observing these graceful animal ambassadors!


He is THE cold weather fox! Usually, his fur is white in winter and dark brown in summer. This helps him stay well hidden throughout the year. He only starts to shiver at – 50 degrees and uses his bushy tail as a scarf to protect himself from the cold! To learn more about the Arctic Fox, click here.


While it is true that some caribou travel thousands of kilometers during migration, others prefer to remain in the same region as they find there all they need throughout the year. Did you know that caribou are the only mammals in Québec to have fur right to the end of their nose? It’s very convenient as protection against the harsh cold weather! To learn more about the Woodland Caribou, click here.


The habitat is now done and open to the public since October 2014. One male and two females have moved in at this moment, and one baby caribou was born at the zoo in Spring 2015.

When time comes, we will be ready to welcome Arctic Foxes in need of a new forever home, as this mix habitat was designed to answer both species' needs.