Holiday Magic at the zoo


Holiday Magic at the zoo

Once upon a time there was a proud elves team that worked hard all year long to ensure that all the furry, scaly and feathered residents of the Ecomuseum Zoo have everything they need to be strong, healthy and happy.

Each year in December, these elves take advantage of the Holiday Magic to grant special presents to each animal that has found a home at the zoo. These elves, helped by Santa of course, make sure that each and every animal receives a gift that will bring delight. Dolls, trucks? Rather appetizing toys and very special treats!

As the zoo counts many animals to spoil, Santa has delegated the gift distribution to the elves. Day after day from December 20th to January 4th, the elves will delight all the Ecomuseum Zoo animals.

Follow Santa’s footsteps...

Did you know that Santa’s reindeer live at the Ecomuseum Zoo? It’s a well kept secret, but it surely explains why the zoo closes only once a year, on December 25th...

That being said, year after year when Santa stops by to get his favorite Reindeer helpers (shh...don’t tell the other reindeer!), he inevitably drops a few personal effects along the Ecomuseum Zoo pathways...and he needs help from our small visitors to find them!

From December 26th to January 4th, every child visiting the zoo will be given a special mission: help Santa find his lost personal items. Those who accept to play the role of detective for Santa will have a chance to win an amazing gift basket, thanks to Santa who wishes to express his eternal gratitude.

So...will you celebrate Holiday Magic at the zoo this year?