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A renowned educational program!

Since 1989, the Ecomuseum Zoo has focused on environmental education. We believe strongly that contact with Québec’s wildlife to help raise awareness in young people, will forge a greener future for generations to come.


Numerous presentations and workshops are available for school groups, daycares, summer camps and other institutions with educational missions.


Hereafter are listed the available presentations. Please note that we can cater our presentations to your needs and those of your students if you have an idea that is not listed below.


Biodiversity of the Saint-Lawrence Valley

What is "biodiversity", and what does this term, so often heard, mean? What are the connections between different groups of animals? What is the food chain? Why should we try to conserve and protect biological diversity? With its diverse ecosystems, is Québec home to many living organisms? Discover the bonds that link Québec's fauna and meet the animals that reflect the diversity of our wildlife: amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals!


Birds of Prey: the Virtuosos of the sky

Is it possible that the fastest animal in the world is one of these virtuosos? Do all raptors have some things in common? Do they all hunt the same way? Many of these birds have been hunted by man, but why? What do they eat and how do they catch their food? Do we have several species in Québec? Allow us to introduce you to these enigmatic birds and discover their many talents.


Nocturnal specialists: Owls

How do they hunt at the night?  Do they use echolocation techniques like bats do? Do their eyes reflect light and are they blinded by sunlight during the day?  Do they event hunt during the day?  Do they have ears, and why such big eyes?  How far can they turn their head and why? So many questions!  Discover the many adaptations of these formidable nocturnal raptors who hunt in the dark.  It is a unique opportunity to meet these charismatic, majestic and mysterious birds.


Endangered species of Québec

What is a species, and what makes a species "vulnerable" or "threatened"? What are the possible reasons for a species to hold these distinctions? How can each person, regardless of age, make a difference for the future of these animals? What daily actions can we take to improve their lot? Discover the reasons behind the decline of many species. You will have the opportunity to know and see some of the rarer animal species of Québec.   


It's cool to be cold-blooded!

What is a cold-blooded animal? Can they get too hot or too cold? Can they warm themselves as they group together? Which ones use their eyes to help them swallow? Which ones do not use their nose to smell? Find out what all cold-blooded animals have in common and what distinguishes each of them! Meet some fascinating amphibians and reptiles!


Scientific workshop: Dissecting a raptor pellet!

Participants will discover what lies within a raptor pellet! They will discover what information scientists can gather from such a dissection. In collaborative groups, participants will practice teamwork skills to find, clean and identify bones found in their pellet to successfully determine what prey was eaten by the raptor.