Midland Painted Turtle

Midland Painted


Chrysemys picta  



If you have seen a turtle in your life time, it is likely that it was me! I am the most common native species in Québec. I live happily in many places: ponds, marshes, lakes and rivers. You may have seen me, I love warming myself in the sun on rocks or logs protruding from the water.

My legs, neck and tail are striped with red. Nothing to do with the red-eared turtle, an exotic species that is sometimes released into the wild. It has only two red spots behind each eye. I also have spots in this area, but they are yellow like the stripes on my head. While we’re at it, please stop releasing my exotic cousin “to the wild”. It is having a definitive negative impact on my species.

We lay capricious eggs! If the nest temperature is between 25 and 27oC then males will emerge, but if the nest temperature is between 30 and 32oC it will be females. Go figure!


Midland Painted Turtle



Shell length
M : 9 - 16,5 cm; F : 10 - 19 cm
Weight 200 - 400 g


20 to 40 years


Shallow ponds, tranquil bays with aquatic vegetation


Tadpoles, small fish, aquatic insects, molluscs and aquatic plants, carrion


1 clutch per year; 2 to 11 eggs

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