Our expertise



At the Ecomuseum Zoo it’s cool to be cold-blooded!

Since its opening in 1988 the Saint-Lawrence Valley Natural History Society’s Ecomuseum Zoo has developed considerable expertise in matters related to reptiles and amphibians in Québec. These fascinating and unfortunately misunderstood animals have the regrettable distinction of having more than half of their species threatened primarily by human activities.

Every year the Ecomuseum Zoo is involved in scientific research projects, population censuses, monitoring activities and other conservation programs targeting these animals whose survival is important to us all. Our applied research projects in matters of conservation allow us to gain valuable knowledge necessary for the safeguard and protection of these species and their habitats.

In collaboration with its partners both public and private, the Ecomuseum Zoo is making a difference in the recovery of endangered species in Québec. We invite you to discover our many projects resulting in concrete actions for conservation. Through these you will learn of a fascinating world filled with discreet species that merit our attention and protection.