Procyon lotor 


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I am easily recognized by my black mask and my big ringed tail. At birth I look very different however. I can’t open my eyes and I don’t have the mask yet. It is only when I am ten days old that my mask begins to take shape. It’s the mask that gives me that cute and mischievous appearance. But don’t be fooled, I’m still a wild animal that prefers to be left alone. Not the best news I agree, but I’m also a common carrier of rabies… you might want to reconsider your habits of feeding me around your house, in the parks, or in campgrounds.

As you know, I can be quite a public nuisance… You don’t leave me much choice though, as you are living on my turf. A backyard shed suits me just fine for shelter and I love to wander streets and lanes looking for garbage to eat. I also enjoy raiding bird feeders that you install in your yards. In the countryside, I take full advantage of the vast tracts of corn that you plant. Mmm, yummy ! 





Total Length 65,5 cm - 96 cm
Tail Length 20 - 27,5 cm
Weight 5 - 12 kg


Record 16 years in the wild and 21 years in captivity


Mixed and deciduous forests, farm land, city


Crayfish, fish, turtle eggs, turtles, mollusks, small mammals, insects, corn, garbage, fruit, nuts


1 litter per year; 1 to 7 young (4 to 5 on average)

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