Reconstruction of the Bird of prey Sanctuary

Reconstruction of the
Bird of prey Sanctuary

With the completion of the 2013-2017 major fundraising campaign, the Ecomuseum Zoo team is thrilled to have completed over 30 projects dedicated to the well-being of its animal residents, to educational programs and to the enhancement of the visitors’ experience.

The end of the fundraising campaign does not however mean that all projects have been completed; quite the contrary. With a new year just around the corner our projects’ team is hard at work on their next challenge: the Bird of Prey Sanctuary!

A massive project!

The Bird of prey Sanctuary walkway has been closed for a number of weeks already. But why? The removal of old living spaces is already underway! The animals have already, for the most part, been moved to temporary quarters outside of public areas. A few have been housed in living spaces already completed near the main education pavilion to ensure guests have a chance to encounter a few bird of prey species. They love their new spaces and are benefiting from all the natural installations provided for them.

The construction of the new Bird of prey Sanctuary will therefore begin as soon as the warmer spring weather will come about. It will encompass 6 new aviaries of different sizes to allow us to welcome different raptor species. The smallest of the aviaries could house American kestrels, Peregrine falcons or Eastern screech owls. The larger aviaries will house communities of mixed species such as Great-horned Owls or Red-tailed hawks who cohabitate well in the wild.

A natural and well-adapted design

Just as all the new living spaces built in recent years, the new Bird of prey Sanctuary will make full use of the natural topography and landscaping already present on the site. The birds will thus benefit from peaceful naturally forested areas adapted to their specific needs. With the well-being of each individual bird at heart, the aviaries that will welcome flightless birds will be adapted to allow each beloved being to enjoy all the available space.

Many observation platforms and boardwalks will be made available to visitors in order to maximize the educative experience shared thanks to these impressive representatives of Québec wildlife. Thanks to the new observation decks guests will make striking connections with the birds while respecting their privacy. In total more and 120 meters of boardwalks will allow guests to meander through natural settings around the sanctuary.

We look forward to showing you the finished design of this exciting project next year!