Spring Peeper





There’s an easy way to recognize me: I wear a dark mark in the form of an "x" on my back. I am usually beige or brown, but some individuals may be reddish or yellowish.


One can also notice my presence thanks to my call which is a short “pee-ep”, sharp and piercing, repeated several times at the rate of one whistle per second. We form such a unique choir that when there are many of us in one place our song seems continuous! It can become quite deafening however for listeners that find themselves close by. Sometimes we sing at the end of the summer and in the fall but these instances are unrelated to the breeding season.

We are very common in the Maritimes and in Québec. We can also be found in the very high northern latitudes. The destruction of our habitat through agriculture and urban sprawl is the biggest threat to our survival.



Its maximum size is 3.7cm.


Forests, fallows, cattail ponds, swamps and bogs


Small invertebrates, such as mites, gnats and ants

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