St-Jean Baptiste 2015: let’s celebrate Québec’s biodiversity!


St-Jean Baptiste 2015: let’s celebrate Québec’s biodiversity!

At the Ecomuseum Zoo we are what we might call "politically neutral", except when talking about our animals; Québec’s wildlife is rich, and it pumps up our Québec pride!

So why would you come visit the zoo on June 24th?

Wildlife that deserves to be known

Too many people still think that Québec’s wildlife is limited to skunks, raccoons and Black Bears. Did you know that in our province, we can find Fishers, Bald Eagles, Gray Treefrogs and North American Opossums?

Species increasingly threatened

Each year, the number of species on the Québec’s endangered or vulnerable list is increasing. The reasons are numerous, but the biggest threat to Québec’s wildlife is the human. By discovering Québec’s biodiversity and learning how to better live with it, we increase the chances of improving the situation.

After all, we protect what we know, right?

It’s part of our natural heritage

We are very fortunate in Québec: we have breathtaking sceneries, beautiful rivers, and mature forests. In all cases, these places we cherish are teeming with life. In Québec, there are (approximately):

• 89 species of mammals (terrestrial and aquatic)
• 17 species of reptiles
• 21 species of amphibians
• 287 species of nesting birds
• 1530 species of insects

That’s not even counting fish, invertebrates, or vegetation, which occupy a more than important place in local biodiversity.

So join us on St-Jean Baptiste as we emphasized the best that Québec has to offer!