The zoo for the community



Education is the heart of the Ecomuseum Zoo’s mission. Each year, the zoo raises awareness among its more than 145,000 visitors with regards to the importance of protecting Québec’s wildlife. And that includes over 35,000 children directly involved in the zoo’s education programs. 

Participants who have a chance to enjoy one of the Ecomuseum Zoo’s educational activities emerge with a better knowledge of Québec’s biodiversity, and leave with precious memories of their meetings with impressive animal species like the Canada Lynx, the Black Bear or the Painted Turtle. 

Each year, the zoo receives numerous requests from non-profit organizations who would like to have their groups enjoy privileged encounters with Québec’s wildlife. The Ecomuseum Zoo has therefore created “The Zoo for the Community” program to extend the reach of its educational activities to deserving groups.

What does the program offer?

The program allows three non-profit organizations per year the chance to enjoy a complete guided tour of the zoo for their groups at no charge.

  • The program is accessible only to registered non-profit organizations.
  • A maximum of 100 participants per group is allowed.
  • If the group is comprised mainly of children, the organization must comply with the following supervision ratios:
    • Children of 7 years and older: 1 adult for 10 children
    • Children 3 to 6 years of age: 1 adult for 5 children
    • Children 2 years old and under: 1 adult for 2 children
    • All types of groups are welcome: adults, teenagers, kids, participants with intellectual or physical deficiencies, etc. You will be required to specify these details on your application form.

The Ecomuseum Zoo covers all cost related to the guided tour (admission fees and guides). However, transportation, lunch/snacks and other incidental expenses are the organization’s responsibility.

How to apply?

Complete the following form

Send a scanned copy of the completed form to:

The zoo will proceed with a random draw to determine the winning organization. Only the winning organization will be contacted.

Should your organization not be chosen, you can re-apply for the next season without problem. Only one application per organization per season is accepted.

Winners have to wait an entire year before applying again.

Good luck to all!