Timothea, Red Fox

The story of


The highest standards of animal care have always been observed at the Ecomuseum Zoo; it is a responsibility we do not take lightly, and thanks to your unwavering support, the construction of the Animal Care Center in 2016 is definitive proof. The addition of this important structure provides quarantine areas, a complete veterinary clinic, a more modern food preparation area and much more. These facilities allow the Ecomuseum Zoo to welcome more animals that can participate in our educational mission while enjoying a safe and loving permanent home.

This is how we were able to welcome Timothea, a young Red fox whose first few months of life were tumultuous to say the least!

Indeed, when Timothea was just 5 months old she experience a grievous mishap: still young and exploring her environment she went toe to toe (no pun intended) with an Adirondack chair leaving her front right paw decidedly caught. As she tried to free herself she fractured her leg in three places. A Good Samaritan brought her to a rehabilitation center in Ontario when she was given excellent care. Unfortunately though, despite numerous attempts to save the leg, the veterinarians resolved that amputation was necessary.

With only three legs Timothea could not return to the wild. She has therefore found a permanent loving home at the Ecomuseum Zoo in the forested living space shared by the other red foxes. When she arrived she spent four weeks in the Animal Care Center under quarantine. This time provides the veterinary team with the opportunity to make sure the animal is strong, devoid of parasites and in satisfactory health. The team ensures the animal’s physical, psychological and emotional well-being. We get to know the individual, its personality, its habits and preferences. Just like all the animal residents of the Ecomuseum Zoo Timothea was to receive care catered to her particular needs.

When her quarantine period was over Timothea was progressively introduced to Inola and Tokala, the other two Red Foxes she shares quarters with. In the above photo you can see the moment she was first introduced in the living space that would become her home. The space had been divided in two with a mesh fence along the center allow the foxes to see and smell each other without direct contact. After a few days and numerous positive interactions, the animal care team allowed direct contact for the first time and everything went swimmingly. Ever since, Timothea, Inola and Tokala have lived in perfect harmony!

Timothea’s story may seem tragic but rest assured that the silly accident that took place when she was so young has left no scars on her beautiful and cheerful personality! Curious little Timothea (Timbit for short) is quite able to run, jump and play with surprising ease. The resilience of animals is always astonishing and we are thrilled to provide this little fox with a natural home well adapted to her needs. Not to mention all the love and attention she gets from our staff, volunteers and guests!