Visitor Experience Axis

for its visitors

Our visitors, your experience!

Each year, more than 115 000 visitors cross our gates to enjoy a moment at the zoo with their family and friends. In order to increase our impact and to make your visiting experience the most memorable possible, we wish to enhance the visitor experience by modernising our infrastructures and our services.

The Ecomuseum Zoo has been in existence for more than 27 years and many changes and improvements linked to the visitor’s experience are ongoing.

Completed projects
  • Phase I of the renovations to our main pavilion, including the public washrooms, the floors and the renovation of our gift shop
  • Complete repair of the floating bridge that links the Red Fox habitat to the American Porcupine habitat
  • Development of additional resting areas
  • Improvement of the pathways and various landscaping work
  • Building of a complete workshop in the service area of the zoo
  • Delimitation of a safety lane leading to the picnic area
Projects to come:
  • Phase II of the renovations to our main pavilion, including educational rooms and possibly the "From Light to Dark" exhibit
  • Additional resting areas and new viewpoints on the site
  • Addition of fauna-inspired recreation modules for children
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