Summer snack for the Wood Turtle



Glyptemys insculpta 



I am Québec’s most terrestrial freshwater turtle. I am easily overlooked with my rough brown shell. But if I move under water, wow! there’s a flash of colour with my orange neck and legs! Even my plastron is yellow adorned with black spots. But I rarely show that part of my anatomy as I tend not to have all four legs up in the air.

My species is not very prolific, even though I can reach a respectable age. During my adult life, if all goes well, I will only add two adult individuals as offspring. It’s nothing to work out my family tree!

Baby turtles are true contortionists. At birth they are 4 cm long. So how do they manage to occupy the inside of a 3 cm long x 2 cm wide egg? They are folded in two!

I can even dance! To attract worms I hammer the ground with my feet. This imitates falling rain to make the worms leave their tunnels.


Wood Turtle



Shell Length
M : 18,5 - 24,4 cm; F : 18,1 à 23,7 cm
Weight 600 - 1 500 g


Can attain 40 years in the wild; record 58 years in captivity


Agricultural and forested lands, sandy river banks with calm waters


Mushrooms, berries, ferns, worms, tadpoles


1 clutch per year; usually 6 to 11 eggs

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