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water snakewater snake


Northern water snake

Nerodia S. Sipedon

Fact sheets
A snake that loves to swim?
Water snake habitat
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Indeed, I am an excellent swimmer! If necessary, I can stay immersed for almost 60 minutes! As my name suggests, I am profoundly connected to aquatic environments. You’ll find me mostly around bodies of water.
Of paramount importance for the ecological balance.
water snake role
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I eat mainly fish, frogs, toads and tadpoles, and I play an important role in balancing our ecosystems.
A victim of myths and legends.
water snake threats
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We are considered rare in Québec. This situation is mainly due to the disappearance of our habitats and the fact that many people try to eliminate us, mistakenly believing that we are dangerous!
water snake portrait
Harmless snake!

Snakes are unfortunately often persecuted as a result of false beliefs about them. They are however essential for the ecological balance as they feed on small, often harmful prey. In Québec, no species of snake is venomous to humans! How lucky we are to have them around!

water snake visit
Come see the Northern Water Snakes

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