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ribbon snakeribbon snake


Ribbon Snake

Thamnophis sauritus septentrionalis

Fact sheets
Cousins that are almost twins!
ribbon snake appearance
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With my long pale stripes on a dark backdrop, I look a lot like my cousin, the Garter snake! To differentiate myself from it you have to count: my stripes are located on the 3rd and 4th row of scales from my belly. Easier: I normally have a white spot in front of my eyes, unlike the Garter snake.
Did you see one? What luck!
ribbon snake threats
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Take note that we are very rare in Québec, where we are only found in the extreme south of the Outaouais region. Our conservation status is of great concern.
A hunter by day, an opportunist by night!
ribbon snake diet
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Although I am mainly diurnal, I sometimes hunt at night, especially to catch frogs! They are my favorite prey, but I also like tadpoles, salamanders, small fish and leeches.
ribbon snake portrait
Harmless snake!

Snakes are unfortunately often persecuted as a result of false beliefs about them. They are however essential for the ecological balance as they feed on small, often harmful prey. In Québec, no species of snake is venomous to humans! How lucky we are to have them around!

ribbon snake visit
Come see the Ribbon Snakes

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