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Students observing a lizard

Our educational program

Environmental education is at the heart of the Ecomuseum Zoo's mission.

Getting to know Québec's wildlife get's us one step closer to protecting it.

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great horned owl
A renowned educational program

Since 1988, the Ecomuseum Zoo has focused on environmental education. We believe strongly that contact with Québec’s wildlife to help raise awareness in young people, will forge a greener future for generations to come. Each year, the educational program of the Ecomuseum Zoo reaches thousands of young people through its educational activities at the zoo, in their classroom or in a virtual setting!

Activities at the zoo

Guided tour

A guided tour of the zoo is the best option to dive into the heart of Québec's wildlife and discover all that mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians have to teach us! Our dynamic and experienced guides will share their knowledge with the students during this unique tour that will amaze more than one!

For groups from 1st grade of elementary school, duration between 1:30 and 2 hours.

Want to come and meet the animals with your groups of young kids? The "Mini-explorers" activity is designed so that daycare and kindergarten groups can enjoy a self-guided tour at their own pace. Educational material is provided for adults to share with the little ones!

For groups up to kindergarten, approximate duration of an hour and a half.
Breakfast with the animals

What an original way to learn about an animal species! Do Québec's wild species eat the same food as you? It's time to roll up your sleeves to prepare meals and feed the animals in our care. This activity, which lasts two and a half hours, is reserved for participants 3 years of age and over.

Your breakfast with the animals includes:

  • A nutritious continental breakfast for the humans!
  • A dynamic presentation by our zoologist on the animal who is the star of the day
  • Time for participants to prepare the animal's meal.
  • A chance for the participants to meet the animal and serve its breakfast!

You will be able to choose between a breakfast with the lynx, the wolves, the otters and fishers, or the bear.

For groups from grade 1 of elementary school and older. Duration of 2:30 hours.
zookeeper for a day
Zookeeper for a day

Become a Zookeeper for a Day! Accompanied by our zoologist, you will have the chance to discover different diet requirements as you prepare meals and feed the animals yourself. You will need a sense of adventure, your imagination and your ability to work within a team.

The Zookeeper for a Day package includes:

  • The chance to prepare meals for certain animals.
  • The opportunity to invent, build and observe animal reactions to "enrichment toys".
  • The chance to meet these animals as you serve their meal.
  • The chance to learn through up-close encounters with some of the animals in our care.
  • The opportunity to participate in a scientific workshop to dissect a raptor pellet (7 years and over).
For groups of all ages. Packages available of 3 hours.
Twilight at the zoo

Spending the evening at the zoo when it is closed for visitors, observing the nocturnal animals in action and learning more about their habits and behaviors in a unique atmosphere, here's what awaits the participants of the Twilight at the zoo!

For groups from the 1st year of primary school. Evening activity.
Activities in your classroom
Québec's biodiversity
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What is "biodiversity", and what does this term, so often heard, mean? What are the connections between different groups of animals? What is the food chain? With its diverse ecosystems, is Québec home to many living organisms? Discover the bonds that link Québec's fauna and meet amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
Birds of prey: virtuosos of the sky!
barn owl
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Is it possible that the fastest animal in the world is one of these virtuosos? Do all raptors have some things in common? Do they all hunt the same way? Do we have several species in Québec? Allow us to introduce you to these enigmatic birds and discover their many talents.
It's cool to be cold-blooded!
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What is a cold-blooded animal? Can they get too hot or too cold? Can they warm themselves as they group together? Which ones use their eyes to help them swallow? Which ones do not use their nose to smell? Find out what all cold-blooded animals have in common and what distinguishes each of them! Meet some fascinating amphibians and reptiles!
Endangered species of Québec
wood turtle
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What makes a species "vulnerable" or "threatened"? What are the possible reasons for a species to hold these distinctions? What daily actions can we take to improve their lot? Discover the reasons behind the decline of many species. You will have the opportunity to know and see some of the rarer animal species of Québec. 2nd grade & up.
Scientific workshop
Dissecting a raptor pellet
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Scientific workshop
Participants will discover what lies within a raptor pellet! They will discover what information scientists can gather from such a dissection. In collaborative groups, participants will practice teamwork skills to find, clean and identify bones found in their pellet to successfully determine what prey was eaten by the raptor. 2nd grade & up.
virtual activities
Virtual presentations
Québec's biodiversity, a world to discover

Dive into the mysterious world of Québec’s wildlife and discover the animals’ secrets to surviving in what can sometimes be a harsh climate. Students will get to know the fauna with which we share our environment. Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals will all contribute to captivating the audience with an interactive presentation which includes live animations, videos, quizzes, photos and more!

From 1st to 6th grade. Duration: between 45 minutes and one hour.
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Thanks to your contributions, the Ecomuseum Zoo can continue its objectives of excellence in animal welfare.
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Our educational program
The Ecomuseum Zoo raises awareness among more than 35,000 children each year through its educational programs, encouraging environmental protection.
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Our conservation initiatives
Since its inception, the Ecomuseum Zoo has been working on the conservation of species and their habitats in Quebec, protecting threatened and vulnerable species.
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