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dabbling ducksdabbling ducks


The Dabbling duck categorization encompasses many different species of ducks that always remain at the surface of the water and are more agile on the ground.
Webbed feet centered under the body
Waterproof plumage of various colors depending on the species
Rounded beak
Posture more horizontal when standing on the ground than the diving ducks.
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They prefer shallow waters
dabbling duck - habitat
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We are fond of shallow water as that's where we feed. We mostly eat aquatic plants but we can also eat larvae and aquatic insects.
Physical abilities
An unusual fishing technique...
dabbling duck - fishing
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Physical abilities
We are not able to dive to get to our food which forces us to use an unusual technique: we tip our upper body down into the water, often leaving only our rump and hind legs up above the surface. It's the world gone topsy turvy!
Seduction is, to say the least, colorful!
reproduction duck
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The males are adorned with very colorful plumage during the breeding season to seduce the ladies! The rest of the year, their plumage takes on shades of brown just like the females.
dabbling portrait
What to do if you find a bird in distress?

Throughout the year, it is possible to cross paths with a bird in distress: broken or damaged wing, collision with a vehicle or electrical wires, birds are often unlucky and face many dangers. If you find a bird in distress, contact the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs at 1-877-346-6763

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Dabbling ducks
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