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green snakegreen snake


Smooth green snake

Liochlorophis (Opheodrys) Vernalis

Fact sheets
The snake most easily identified, that’s me!
green snake appearance
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By my color, I'm probably the easiest snake to identify! My light green or uniformly leafy color allows me to camouflage myself very easily in the grass. Thanks to this unique hue, I could not be confused with any other snake.
Oviparous, but …
green snake adaptation
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Our mating season ranges from spring to early summer. I am one of the few snakes who are oviparous. Eggs are laid from June to September. However, further south, the Smooth green snake is ovoviviparous: it gives birth to a brood of completely formed newborns!
The distribution of the species is, to say the least, unequal
green snake distribution
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We are common in Québec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, but our distribution is uneven. We can be very numerous in some places and much less in others.
green snake portrait
Harmless snake!

Snakes are unfortunately often persecuted as a result of false beliefs about them. They are however essential for the ecological balance as they feed on small, often harmful prey. In Québec, no species of snake is venomous to humans! How lucky we are to have them around!

green snake visit
Come meet the Smooth Green Snakes

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