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American ToadAmerican Toad


American toad

Bufo americanus americanus

Fact sheets
Did you know?
An amphibian that can give you warts?
toad - warts
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Did you know?
Of course not! Contrary to popular belief, you will not get warts if you touch me. This is a myth that is still widespread! However the toxins in my warts can cause irritation if brought to your eyes or mouth, so be careful if you handle me.
Physical appearance
Males are smaller than females.
toad - male
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Physical appearance
In my species the male is smaller than the female. Breeding season is during the spring months when you can hear me singing near the ponds where we gather. Many of us come back to the same nesting site every year!
Is the American toad common?
toad - distribution
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We are very common in Québec and in the Maritimes as we adapt well to habitat modifications, laying eggs even in artificial ponds.
toad portrait
Amphibians : excellent bio-indicators!

Amphibians are very sensitive to what surrounds them and are thus excellent bio-indicators of the quality of the environment! Large insect consumers, they are extremely important for food chain equilibrium. Click to find out what our team does to help protect amphibians in the wild!

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