Barred Owl



Strix varia



I whistle and sing, I am the Pavarotti of owls. I am not fond of intruders and watch carefully over my territory. When I meet another member of my species, I express myself freely and loudly to make an impression.

I am strongly attached to my territory and remain in the area all year long. No southern winter migration for me, thank you very much! If food becomes scarce, the male will move to find sustenance. When my young leave the nest at the end of the summer, it’s in their best interest to look for their own place. They won’t spend the winter with me that’s for sure!

I will nest in the cavities of hollowed trees. I don’t bore these myself, I use abandoned woodpecker nests or simply nest atop rotting trees. I am known to also use vacant crow or squirrel nests. Just a little housekeeping and I’m good to go. If at all possible, I’ll return to the same nest for several years.



Length 45,5 - 58,0 cm
Weight M : 632 g F : 801 g
Wing span 101,6 - 127 cm


Record 18 years in the wild


Mature deciduous or mixed wooded areas


Mice, voles, rats, shrews and occasionally birds and insects


broods per year; 1 to 4 eggs; 28-33 days of incubation; couple will mate for life

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