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Barn OwlBarn Owl

Bird of prey

Barn Owl

Tyto alba

The Barn Owl is nothing to be afraid of!
barn owl - illustration
Heart-shaped face
White and beige plumage, dotted with darker spots
Black eyes
Hooked beak
Sharp talons
Fact sheets
Did you know?
Barn Owl, what a funny name!
barn owl - did you know
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Did you know?
Barn Owl … What a perfect name for me since I love to nest in old barns and churches!
It’s the only one of the family in Québec.
barn owl - adaptation
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I am the only member of my family found in Québec. It’s something about my fingers that distinguishes me from all other owls. I, like all of them, have four fingers, but mine are different. Moreover, my first digit also has a comb shaped (pectinate) claw.
Physical appearance
Another victim of myths and legends.
barn owl - appearance
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Physical appearance
For many years I have been a victim of superstitious beliefs. To ward off evil spirits, I was crucified on barn doors. Due to my appearance, my habit of nesting in old structures and some of my calls which sound like the rattling of chains, I have been associated with spirits, ghosts and haunted houses.

The Barn Owl is part of our educational program. It is visible to the public only in summer, or as part of our formal educational programs. Thank you for your understanding!

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