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Canis Latrans

The Coyote is a canine found commonly in Québec.
coyote illustration
Yellowish-gray fur
Black fur at the tip of the tail
White fur on the throat and abdomen
Tail held quite low
Pointy muzzle and ears
Fact sheet
Physical appearance
Coyote or wolf?
Coyote - appearance
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Physical appearance
Many people misidentify us and believe we are our cousin the Gray wolf! Take notice, we are smaller, and our ears and nose are more pointed. In addition, I carry my tail rather low, while the wolf holds its tail proudly high! I am usually a solitary creature while the wolves live in packs.
Coyotes in Montréal?
city coyote
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As I am somewhat of a generalist and am quite adaptable in my choice of habitat, my geographic distribution is spreading forcing me to get closer to the urban sprawl that is encroaching on my territory. I am even present on the island of Montréal.
Physical capacities
I am quite the athlete when it comes to running!
coyote running
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Physical capacities
I may not have a stopwatch, but I am told I’m the fastest runner in the canidae family. I can easily run at a speed of 40 km/h for long distances and can reach peaks of more than 60 km/h when needed.
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